New Year, New Wines!

Our New Year's Resolution: Always try more new wines!

Happy New Year! New Year, New You? We've got lots of New Wine's coming your way this year and we are so excited to share them with you all.

Up for trying New Wines? There are so many different occasions to try more new wines and here are some tips!  

For us, trying new wines brings us together, whether we are having a glass of wine with a good book or hosting family or friends, choosing the right wine creates good vibes.

Depending on what you are serving, on a cold winter's night, what better than a roast lamb with mushrooms & potatoes, or steak & veggies. 'Dry' red wines such as a Cabernet & a Syrah are a great choice & would complement your cooking perfectly.


Having a curry night? or making a fish feast? Whites are best paired with fish, seafood & spicy foods. Pair with a Riesling, which is a great low-alcohol choice for a fiery or fishy dish.

Rose? A pink tinted wine which is the best of both worlds. This is the perfect choice to take with you on a picnic. Its often a great pick for many beach goers and brunch groups. Best served with rich, cheesy foods.

Night in with the Gals

Good wine can make or break your evening especially when the ladies start talking Life! It all depends on your preference, but to keep it sweet and fun, go for a Moscato, it is white, slightly fizzy & fruity and pairs perfectly with desert!

It's always a good time to pop some bottles!

Bubbly is the most popular choice when celebrating a milestone and other momentous times! To be called 'Champange' the wine needs to be made in champagne, France & usually falls under a higher price bracket. If your looking for something a bit more affordable and want to keep it flowing all day or night long, go for a Procescco Spumante, its a good way to go. Typically its a bit sweeter than Champagne, but its nice and bubbly!!

Be adventurous!

Don't be afraid to try new things. This years its all about NEW Wines for us.

Here's to a year of good wine! And of course..... food! :)  

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