Some Winter Wines You'll Love!

Some Winter Wines You Will Love

January is a cold & chilly month in Malta & when chilling at home, what better than a good glass of wine & Netflix snuggled under a nice warm blanket!

Winter is here! And here is what we recommend when the temperature drops

Let's talk about the classics....

1. Nebbiolo 

Looks may be deceiving? A Nebbiolo looks pale & pleasant like Pinot noir but this Italian Stallion has high acidity & grippy tannins that will give you an evening you won't forget! Decant for 45 minuets and let your taste buds tingle! Be strategic, pair with a yummy risotto, go crazy with charcuterie, be creative with mushrooms & truffles.

2. Shiraz

Fancy something rugged? Shiraz is best described as big & boozy, a Shiraz is know for its powerful black fruit flavours & savoy undertones. ABV is usually 14% - 15%. It will definitely warm you up quickly! Goes nicely with grilled meats with your significant other on a Friday Night!

3. Chardonnay

Full bodied, rich, buttery Chardonnay. We just love the dominant flavors of Vanilla, butter & caramel with a touch of citrus. Creamy pasta or creamy soup tonight? Pair with a Chardonnay. Also goes well with chicken, turkey & seabass.

Definitely some of our favourite wines this winter !