Essential Spirits for your Home Bar

When it comes to investing in spirits, there’s no need to buy everything at once. Choose the base spirits in the cocktails you enjoy drinking first then build on the collection. The aim is to eventually have a good selection of spirits so you can make the range of drinks you like.

1. Vodka  

It may be dubbed the odorless, flavorless spirit, but a good vodka should have subtle character.

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Use for: Bloody Mary, Espresso Martini

2. Gin  

When it comes to juniper based spirits, look no further than a classic, full flavoured gin that’s versatile and makes a good base for many drinks. Plymouth Gin is made to similar specifications as a London Dry with a soft juniper hit and subtle citrus notes of lemon and orange.

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Use for: G&T, Gimlet

3. Tequila  

With tequila, always choose a product that is made from 100% agave. Tequila blanco, or “silver” as it’s also called makes a good choice for cocktails. 

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Use for: Margarita, Paloma

4. Rum  

Rum is a diverse spirit category and while you can have anything from a young rum to an aged rum for different cocktails.

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Use for: Daiquiri, Cuba Libre, Mojito

5. Whisky  

If you’re a whisky fan, you’re unlikely to put your precious single malt in a cocktail but you don’t want to compromise on quality and flavour. A blended whisky such as Chivas Regal Extra with ripe orchard fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger notes ginger notes make it perfect for warming winter cocktails.

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Once you have acquired the basics for your taste, you can always add different spirits to build up your collection and then consider more spirit categories