Our 7 TOP Italian Wine Recommendations

Who doesn't love a good Italian Wine?

Italy has a wider selection of wines than anywhere else in the world, and uses 605 unique grapes to produce them. Italy is most famous for wines made from its indigenous grapes. Classic Italian red wines include Barolo and Barbaresco (both made from the Nebbiolo grape), Chianti and Chianti Classico, Amarone and Valpolicella, and Nero d’Avola wine.  

Italy is also famous for its sparkling wines, especially Prosecco and Moscato. In terms of Italian white wines, the most famous is Pinot Grigio which is made from the grape of the same name, as well as Gavi (from the Cortese grape), and Soave (from the Garganega grape). Italy also successfully makes wines from international grape varieties such Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines made in the mountains are often premium-priced with elegant flavours, while wines grown on flat terrain are easy-to-drink and affordable.

Here are a couple of our TOP Italian Recomendations!

1. Barolo Grape: 100% Nebbiolo. Region: Piemonte

Typical flavours: rich and concentrates notes of dried violet flowers and rose petals, dried raspberry, cherry and blackberry. Hints of cinnamon, cloves, and dark chocolate.

2. Barbaresco  100% Nebbiolo. Region: Piemonte

Typical flavours: bramble fruit, black plum, liquorice, redcurrant, nutmeg, coconut, dark chocolate, liquorice, dried blackberries, prune, forest floor, tobacco, and leather.

3. Brunello di Montalcino 100% Sangiovese Region: Tuscany

Typical flavour: raspberry, strawberry, red cherry, cinnamon, prune, dried cranberry, tobacco and leather.

4. Primitivo Grape: Primitivo Region: Puglia

Typical flavours: blackberry, blackcurrant and liquorice, as well as a savoury balsamic undertone, dried raisins, dates and prunes, followed by notes of coconut and cinnamon.

5. Fiano Grape: Greco. Region: Campania

Typical flavours: white flowers, tangerine, lime, majoran, mint, lemongrass, pear drop candy.

6. Gavi   Grape: Cortese. Region: Piemonte.

Typical flavours: lime peel, green bell pepper, green apple, green tea and chamomile.

7. Greco di Tufo   Grape: Greco. Region: Campania

Typical flavours: white flowers, basil, citrus fruits, melon, honeysuckle. Riserva wines will have added notes of baked yellow apple, honey and caramel.

Tell us your favorite Italian Wine!