Zorah - Voski Voskeat/Garadmak White 13% 75cl

ZorahSKU: Zorah - Voski Voskeat/Garadmak 13% 75cl

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Vinery : Zorah

Region : Armenia/ Voskeat

Alcohol Content : 13%

Grape Varietal : blend of native grape varietal: Garandmak and Voskéat

Tasting Notes : Peach, tangelo and stone fruits with notes of flint. Elegant & restrained.

Historical  Background : Ancient Wine Route (Bible Noah first wine producer (Genesis 9:20 - 21)) Karas means ‘amphora’ in Armenian refers to the special hand-make earthen container used in Armenian wine making. It is also considered a sacred wine-making clay vessel used in Armenia for 6,000 years

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