Sibona Grappa Riserva 'Tennessee Wood Finsih' + GB 44% 50cl

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The Grappa Riserva Botti da Tennessee Whiskey by Antica Distilleria Sibona shines amber in the glass. On the nose, this Piedmontese grappa riserv delights with intense scents of malt and delicate roasted aromas, on the palate it is complex and rich in finesse, with a sustainable and long-lasting reverberation that is very reminiscent of Tennessee whiskey.

Production of Grappa Riserva Botti da Tennessee Whiskey from Antica Distilleria Sibona

This special grappa riserv, aged for a long time in oak barrels, was then stored for several months in American whiskey barrels that had previously been used by renowned distilleries in the USA for the ageing of Tennessee whiskey. 

The Antica Distilleria Sibona used the process of ageing in Tennessee whiskey barrels for the first time for the ageing of grappa riservas. The result was qualitatively and tastefully outstanding and is rewarded with increasing success and recognition.

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