Royal Tokaji - Dry Furmint Black label 75cl

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Winery : Royal Tokaji 

Grape :  Furmint

Region :  Hungary / Tokaj

Wine Style:  Hungarian Furmint White

Alcohol Content: 13%


Notes: With generally warm and dry conditions, was a very good vintage especially for Dry but also for Late Harvest Tokaji wines.

Flowering and fruit set took place in perfect conditions, having warm, dry and sunny conditions, resulting in fewer bunches than normal.

During summer, despite the drought conditions, the vines developed well, promising good quality and quantity.

The drought conditions accentuated resulting in rainfall levels at the lowest since records began - in some parts of the region with 180 mm only. As a result, the challenge was to pick at the right time to maximise ripeness and fruit intensity while avoiding loss of acidity.

Harvest for our dry styles was earlier than average, beginning on September 8th for Furmint in Mézes Mály vineyard, some two weeks sooner than usual and was extended to early October to maximise the conditions.

Recommendation: Delicious as an aperitif, with seafood or white meats.

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