Montelvini - Spumante ROSE Extra Dry ''Promosso'' 75cl

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The rosé wine is obtained by soft pressing the grapes followed by a brief contact with skins. With this procedure the skin will transfer its color only partially to the wine. Produced from carefully selected grapes, with predominantly early red grapes. Silky pink with a subtle, persistent perlage.

The Winemaking Process

The white grapes and Pinot Noir grapes are harvested and vinified separately to exalt their various characteristics, and it is only at a later stage that the blend is created. The crushed white grapes, obtained from a soft pressing, are immediately separated from the skins, clarified and fermented at controlled temperature of 17 degrees Celsius with the aid of various selected yeasts.

The vinification of red grapes instead requires several hours of maceration on the skins, with the liquid in contact with the skins to extract color and aromas. The combination of the two wines creates the basic cuvée. There then begins a second fermentation in pressurized tanks for the refermentation, after which the wine is subjected to stabilization and micro-filtration before being bottled. The Wine The color is antique rose, with a subtle, persistent perlage; intense on the nose with fruity scents of peach and wild strawberry, yeast and bread crusts. On the palate it is full, silky and rich. It is excellent as an aperitif, with fish hors d’oeuvres and salami, but also with rich meats, sauces and cheeses.

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