Montelvini - Asolo Prosecco Millesimato DOCG Extra Dry ''Serenitas'' 75cl

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It is the maximum expression of Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG. The careful selection of grapes ensures a particular finesse and harmony, despite the low sugar content, balanced by a notable body.The Prosecco Extra Brut is produced only in the DOCG territory in Asolo, highlighting the freshness and the character of the Glera grape.

The Winemaking Process The first-pressing must is obtained using a soft pressing of the grapes, and is processed with a careful control of temperature, so as to keep intact the grapes’ own aroma. This care is taken throughout all phases of storage and fermentation, controlling all oxygen addition in order to preserve all the aromatic precursors that will be found in the glass during consumption. This creates a wine that is characterized by a pleasant, fruity fragrance.
The Wine In the glass it is pale straw-yellow with green highlights. It has a subtle perlage with great constancy and persistence. On the nose, after an initial floral nuance, it becomes full and fruity, while maintaining the natural elegance typical of the grapes from which it comes. Very complex in terms of quantity and quality of olfactory sensations. Its intensity excites, with good structure and a pleasant, fresh acidity; with an excellent balance between the olfactory and retro-olfactory sensations. Its characteristic creaminess is the result of the CO2 and its moderate alcohol content perfectly blending with balanced hints of sweetness, acidity, saltiness and minerality


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