Montecristo Media Corona x Box of 25 Cigars

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At just 3 ½” (90mm) long, this is as short a cigar as you will find being made in Cuba today. However, despite its lack of length it is still able to deliver plenty of Montecristo taste. Ideal for when time is not a virtue. 

Length: 3½”   Ring Gauge: 44

The Montecristo Medias Corona represents the second time that this format has been used and, at just 3½ inches long, it remains the shortest long-filler handmade Cuban cigar you can buy.The taste that has made Montecristo the world’s most sought-after premium cigar is often described as “tangy”. Certainly the flavour is distinctive.Other words commonly used to describe the taste include ‘coffee’ and ‘cocoa beans’, ‘pepper’ as well as ‘orange peel’, ‘cinnamon’ and ‘vanilla’, all of which lead to the conclusion that a delicious bitter-sweet, spicy taste lies at the heart of Montecristo’s success combined, of course, with the perfect balance of its tobacco blend.

Brand: Montecristo
Shop name: Media Corona
Factory name: Half Corona
Dimensions: 3 ½” (90mm) x 44 ring gauge
Presentation: boxes of 25 and small packages of 5.

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