Kujira 8 Years Ryukyu + GB 43% 50cl

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  • Kujira 8 Years Old is made on Okinawa, an island in Japan, and is aged for 8 years in Spanish sherry and American bourbon casks.
    The Okinawa islands extend towards Thailand and have a very hot climate.
    The climate is perfectly suited for the indica rice that becomes Awamori through distillation.
    Maturing the Awamori in American bourbon barrels creates the Kujira 8 Years Old Whisky. (automated translation)
  • Tasting notes:
  • Color: Amber.
    Nose: Sweet, oak barrel, vanilla, plums.
    Taste: Sweet, dried fruit, sherry, oak flavors.
    Finish: Long lasting, spicy, vanilla. (automated translation)

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