Demonio De Los Andes Tacama Italia 40% 70cl

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Peruvian Pisco, Spirits from Italia grapes, TACAMA, bottle 700ml

The Pisco Demonio de los Andes Italia is made from the finest and most exclusive selection Italia grapes from our TACAMA vineyards. There is a 100-year history of these grapes in TACAMA, which is traditionally used in the production of Peruvian piscos. The nose creates a delicate and floral aroma and it feels pleasant on the palate.
TACAMA used the name of one of the most colorful and tumultuous individuals involved in the conquest of Peru. This representative character was Don Francisco de Carbajal, known for his wickedness and cruelty towards his friends and enemies. Together with his cynicism and humor, he caused a great fear and therefore got the nickname Demonio de los Andes .

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