Hugel - Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2011 75cl

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Hugel - Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2011 75cl

Winery: Hugel

Grape : Gewurztraminer

Region : France / Alsace

Wine Style: Alsace Gewürztraminer

Alcohol Content: 12.8°

Food Pairing: Serve with foie gras, blue cheese, Roquefort, Stilton. Or with dessert: fruit tarts: figs, pineapples, cake, apples, pears, mango soufflé.
Even at the end of the meal, or as an aperitif just for the pleasure of enjoying it for what it is.

Description: This wine has a sparkling, crystalline, youthful and concentrated colour with pale green, pale lemon yellow and spring foliage coloured highlights. The legs are dense, sophisticated and smooth. It has a superb and open, expressive, scented aromatic and fruity nose. Hints of rose, jasmine, Reseda, acacia blossom, mango, citron, orange, lychee, passion fruit and freesia. It has a refined yet youthful lightness of being. On the palate it has that same sensation of captivating harmony.
Best served between 6° and 8° C. Ideal for immediate consumption or in 3 years. This wine will be excellent in 15 to 20 years, a little less sweet and best served at 8°C.
Can be consumed for what it is, the pleasure of enjoying an exceptional, fine and refined sweet white wine.
I am always deeply impressed by the know-how and craft of the Hugel family in their perfectly regular and precise production of late harvest wines of such refinement and elegance.
This VT 2011 meets their very high standards perfectly thanks to the purity of its expression, its global equilibrium making it smooth with an intrinsic sweetness which surfs on a perfectly rounded yet seemingly endless wave of elegance and sophistication leading to a final note that is a firework display of flavour and aroma.

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