Hugel - Gewurztraminer Classic 75cl

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Hugel - Gewurztraminer Classic 75cl

Winery: Hugel 

Grape : Gewurztraminer

Region : France / Alsace

Wine Style:  Alsace Gewürztraminer

Alcohol Content: 13.7° 

Food Pairing: Serve with foie gras, blue cheese, Roquefort, Stilton. Or with dessert: fruit tarts: figs, pineapples, cake, apples, pears, mango soufflé.
Even at the end of the meal, or as an aperitif just for the pleasure of enjoying it for what it is.

Description: A bright colour with clear legs that herald what is to come, the aromas rapidly announcing that this is a very charming and almost heady wine. Delicate floral notes of rose and jasmine interact with hints of yellow fruit: peach, Mirabelle and tropical fruit: lychee, mango, dragon fruit. The bouquet is expressive but not overly so; it retains a sense of refinement and nuance, a true Hugel wine.
On the palate it is fine and delicate, not too weak; it invites you to travel afar and enjoy it with strong flavoured dishes. The precision of the final note could even lead some of its detractors to become reconciled with this strong-headed grape variety.

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