Masseto - Toscana 2019 75cl

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Masseto - Toscana 2019 75cl

Winery: Masseto

Grape : 90% Merlot , 10% Cabernet franc

Region : Tucany

Wine Style: Super Tucany

Alcohol Content: 15%

Food Pairing: classic meat dishes, veal, pork, beef, lamb, duck, game, roast chicken, roasted, braised and grilled dishes. 

Description ; Compared to a rather particular 2014, the 2015 proved to be an almost textbook vintage. After a rainy and mild winter, with just a few days of temperatures below zero, budbreak arrived on time during the first days of April. Spring was characterized by dry and sunny weather, providing ideal conditions for regular vegetative growth that culminated in a quick and complete flowering at the end of May. From June on, water stress gradually became evident. July will be remembered as a particularly torrid, dry month, with maximum temperatures exceeding 30°C every single day of the month. The heat, combined with the absence of rains, made us fear a shut-down in the ripening and the need for an early harvest. Luckily rain fell abundantly around 10th August that not only unblocked the ripening but also brought much cooler temperatures during the final ripening phase. This cool, yet sunny, weather continued throughout the harvest, allowing us to pick the grapes with great ease, choosing just the right moment to harvest the different vineyard blocks, resulting in a fresh and lively aromatic quality with a perfect degree of phenolic ripeness along with abundant, yet silky and soft, tannins. The harvest began on 29th August with the youngest vines and finished on the 16th September with the last portions of ‘Masseto Centrale’. TASTING NOTES: The regularity of the vintage, along with ideal temperatures during harvest, are reflected in a classic Masseto, with a perfect balance between a mature, complex, aromatic expression of great freshness and a rare quality of ample, silky and smooth tannins. Dark and intense in colour and rich in aromas with hints of fully ripe red

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