Baronie Coraldo - Nero D'Avola 13% 75cl

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Winery: Baglio Gibellina

Grape : Grillo

Region : Italy / Southern Italy / Terre Siciliane

Style of wine : 

Alcohol Content : 13%

Food Paring : Particularly suitable with red meats and mature cheeses.


Description : In the last decade, what was always considered an excellent blending vine, due to its malleability, extreme tannic smoothness, large sugary pulp and low acidity, such as to smooth out the edges and harshness of strong and characterful vine varieties, has found sincere attention from several attentive and perspicacious producers, who have rightly exalted the intimate potential, unexpressed after years and years of great production of this vine, with a strong individual personality.

Careful agronomic choices and pruning suitable for controlling vigor have made it possible to contain production to the full advantage of quality. Medium bunch, pyramidal, winged, more or less sparse, with more or less pinkish green peduncle; medium grape, round, blue-purple in colour, skin of medium consistency, pruinose, juicy pulp, sweet, with a more or less intense herbaceous flavour.

The vineyards are located on the hills with southern exposure and are trained in espalier without irrigation with 5,000 vines per hectare. Vinified in red with soft pressing, fermentation at a controlled temperature with the aid of selected yeasts, in steel tanks.


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