Are Vivino Ratings Credible?

Vivino uses a 5-star rating system in which users can rate wines 1 through 5 stars. This kind of rating system is commonly used across user-generated websites and apps. For example, TripAdvisor uses a 5-star rating system for travel recommendations, and Netflix uses the same system for movies.

We are often asked if the 5-star rating system is useful in wine: Are the ratings useful to consumers and are they as quality as expert ratings? The answer is yes! In an analysis conducted earlier this year, we found that Vivino ratings correlate strongly with expert ratings, confirming that Vivino ratings are able to distinguish good wine from average wine.

Here's how the Vivino ratings correlate with seven of the most acclaimed wine experts, who all use a variation of the classic 100-point scoring system. Wines rated 4.0 on Vivino are on average given 90 points from Robert Parker, Stephen Tanzer and Wine Enthusiast.

So how do you navigate the Vivino rating system? Here's some help. The average wine on Vivino is a 3.6, and around 40% of all wines on Vivino rate between 3.5 and 3.8. Here's what the distribution of wine ratings on Vivino looks like:

It's rare to find a wine rated highly (as it should be!). A 3.9 wine on Vivino is in the 80th percentile (i.e. 3.9 wines are better than 80% of wines out there), a 4.1 wine on Vivino is in the 90th percentile, and anything rated 4.5 or higher is in the 99th percentile.

When you're choosing a wine to buy or drink, you can use this kind of thinking to pick out the right wine. How good do you want your wine to be? Do you want an average wine (3.6), a good wine (3.9), an incredible wine (4.1) or a spectacular wine (4.5 or higher)?

After you've tried your wine, don't forget to rate the wine on Vivino. It's up to you how you want to use the Vivino rating system and how many stars constitute a good wine, an average wine, and a bad wine. If you're wondering how often other Vivino users use various stars, here's a chart:

Now you know how the Vivino rating system compares to experts. You know how to use the rating system to help you pick out good wine. And finally, you can see how Vivino users rate wines, so you can go out and start rating wines yourself.





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