Unicum Zwack Riserva + GB 40% 70cl

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Unicum Zwack Riserva + GB 40% 70cl

Unicum Riserva made by double ageing Zwack Unicum, creating a unique spirit combining the familiar bittersweet taste with the luscious sweetness of Tokaj.

Unicum Riserva takes the original Unicum Liqueur as its base, which is firstly aged in 80-years old traditional casks to give it even more depth and character. In the second phase, the Unicum is put into barrels previously used for ageing Tokaji Aszu wines, making the Riserva mellower while infusing it with additional notes of winter spices and fruit aromas. To finish this special drink, Dobogo Winery’s 2007 Tokaji Aszu is blended into the Riserva for perfect harmony between the liquor’s herbal scent and the seductive honeyed essence of Tokaji.

It is ideal to whet your appetite before a meal, or serve it afterwards as a digestif.

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