The Artisan London Dry 44% 50cl

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The Artisan infuses Croatian flavours, which are perfectly balanced to transform the way we experience and savor premium London Dry Gin. This perfectly balanced dry gin tantalizes the senses and comes in a distiller-designed bottle that epitomizes luxury and sophistication. 14 organic, locally sourced and hand-picked botanicals are carefully selected in collaboration with family farmers. This creates the distinctive flavors and aftertastes. From Croatian fields to your glass, included are juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, lemon and orange peels, almonds, olive leaves, elderflower, lavender and root powder of Croatia's wonderful national flower, the Iris. When it first hits the nose and palate, we will perceive the taste and smell of the Croatian countryside, with fragrances and flavors of hand-planted organic fruits and hand-picked herbs, which are blended together and carefully distilled for this limited edition gin. The acclaimed black designer bottle encases this premium vacuum-distilled London Dry Gin, produced in small batches.


Color: Limpid and crystalline.

Bouquet: On the nose we perceive floral hints of wild flowers, with citrus notes and a light touch of juniper.

Flavour: Dry and fruity on the palate, with herbaceous and ripe fruit notes. The medium-long finish is floral.


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