Sherry Fino Quinta 70cl , Osborne

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The Sherry Fino Quinta by Osborne appears in the glass in a straw yellow and unfolds its fine notes of almonds


On the palate, this sherry is classic and delicately tart, as well as dry.

Production of the Sherry Fino Quinta from Osborne

After the winemaking and fermentation in modern stainless steel tanks and after the addition of wine alcohol up to an alcohol content of about 15% vol., the traditional ageing of the wines begins in wooden barrels with a capacity of about 600 liters. 

Maturation takes place in the so-called "Solera process“, which is named after the lowest barrel row of a pyramid-like barrel bearing. The quantity withdrawn from the Solera is replaced from the respective drum above, the top row being filled with fresh distillate. Thus, the sherries wander from barrel to barrel over the years and thus retain their typical character for decades.

The Sherry Fino Quinta matured for 4.5 years in oak

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