SHATLER's Mai Tai 10.1% 250ml

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Only few cocktails are as famous as the Mai Tai. The fruity rum cocktail made with orange, almond and lemon is a real classic and shall not be missed on any cocktail menu. The long drink supposedly was invented in 1944 in San Francisco, California by Trader Vic. He claims to have mixed the first Mai Tai for two of his friends from Tahiti, who were so enthusiastic about the delicious drink, that they shouted out: “Mai Tai – Roa Ae”. In English this means: “Not of this earth – the best”. The SHATLER’s Mai Tai 

Advantages + Ready-to-drink and in single serving units + Quick preparation within seconds: Just add crushed ice + Easy to operate + No addition of further spirits or juices necessary + Shelf life of several months without losing taste, if stored in a cool and dry place + Light and deposit free packaging (Green dot) + Can be used at any event or as a present + Full cost control through single serving units Performance parameters + Fruity and authentic taste, just like in your favourite bar + Original recipes, mixed by professional bartenders + Only fresh ingredients are used + Constant high quality and outstanding taste + No preservatives are used Preparation 1. Fill the glass (0,4 L) completely with crushed ice (ca. 250g) 2. Shake the cocktail can 3. Open the can and pour on the ice 4. Decorate the cocktail as you wish and enjoy.


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