Ruggeri Argeo - Prosecco Rose DOC 75cl

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Area of Production:   Veneto , Italy

Varietal: 85% Glera (traditionally called Prosecco) and 15% Pinot Noir.

Alcohol: 11.5%  Residual Sugar: 9 grams per liter - Brut

Wine Notes: Argeo Prosecco Rosé has a soft pink color reminiscent of peach flowers with an abundant foam and lively, fine perlage.  On the nose the typical aromatic notes of the Glera grapes are enriched with very delicate and fresh scents of brambly fruits such as red currants and raspberries.  The bouquet of white flowers and berry fruits is enveloped by a very pleasant balsamic note of fresh rosemary leaves.  On the palate every sip is bursting with life, with the 
freshness of flavor and full-bodied structure typical of Pinot Noir.  The finishis long, elegant, complex, silky and harmonious, perfectly matching the 

Wine Making Technique: Ruggeri vinifies their Glera grapes, off their skins, at a temperature of 64° F, while the Pinot Noir grapes are vinified in contact with their skins, at 77° F, for about 4-5 days.  Slow fermentation in large, closed containers at 55°-56° is followed by the grapes resting on their fine lees for a minimum of 2 months.  It is bottled at 
5.5 atmospheres.

Estate & Wines: 
Ruggeri is one of the five founding producers of Prosecco, established by Giustino Bisol in 1950 in Santo Stefano, when commercialization of Prosecco began. In 1990 they relocated to the town of Valdobbiadene. They have long standing relationships with about 110 growers as most vineyards are on small plots of land, similar to Burgundy where no one owns very large acreage. Ruggeri sends their viticulturist to work with their growers, insuring consistency and quality. After hand harvesting the grapes, they are brought to the winery which has 2 independent receiving lines and 5 soft presses, ensuring that the grapes are processed immediately upon arrival. In 2019, Ruggeri was the first Prosecco producer to receive the prestigious Gambero Rosso "Star" classification, which is only given to wineries who have earned 10 or more Tre Bicchieri awards. They are extremely passionate, dedicated and consistent with 60% of their wines sold in Italy, and the rest distributed to 35 countries worldwide. 

Recommended Pairings:  Perfect as an aperitif with nibbles. Ideal with light pasta dishes, beetroot carpaccio or a light salad of cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and avocado or fresh berries and cream. 

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