Poseidon Dry Gin 40% 70cl

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Poseidon Dry Gin

Much like the sea, Poseidon Gin is bold, complex and layered. Starting with fresh citrus, a velvety heart and a spicy finish, our gin uses distinctive seaweed to uncover a crisp but subtle hint of the sea.

On the nose

Our gin starts off with ocean freshness, followed by intense juniper and warm spices. The aroma offers a harmonious get-together of the sea and the earth.

On the palate

The power of the ocean really takes over. The juniper makes way for the Wakame to give a warm taste of the sea, accompanied by a surprising sweet hint at the end. All of this is balanced by a long velvet mouthfeel that covers the tongue in a silky smoothness.

At the finish Warm and lingering spices finish off our gin. A pleasant but subtle touch of pepper gives Poseidon that little bit of extra power.

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