Pago de Cirsus - Aged Oak Syrah - Merlot - Tempranillo 75cl

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Pago de Cirsus - Aged Oak Syrah - Merlot - Tempranillo 75cl





cask-aged Oak Aged Navarra from the Aragon wine-growing region is revealed in the glass in dense crimson. The nose of this red wine from Aragon enchants with aromas of shadow morals, black cherry, plum and plum. Especially its fruity type makes this wine so special.

This dry red wine from Pago de Cirsus is something for wine lovers who prefer 0.0 grams of sugar in the wine. The Oak Aged Navarra is already quite close to this, as it was only bottled with 2.3 grams of residual sugar. On the palate, the texture of this powerful red wine is wonderfully dense. Due to the balanced fruit acidity, the Oak Aged Navarre flatters with velvety mouthfeel, without letting it miss freshness at the same time. The finale of this maturable red wine from the Aragon wine-growing region, more precisely from Navarra DO, finally convinces with a remarkable reverberation.

Vinification of Oak Aged Navarre by Pago de Cirsus

Starting point for Pago de Cirsus' first-class and wonderfully powerful Cuvée Oak Aged Navarra are Merlot, Syrah and Tempranillo grapes. After harvesting, the grapes quickly reach the press house. Here you will be selected and carefully broken up. Fermentation is then carried out in small wood at controlled temperatures. Fermentation is followed by ageing for 4 months in oak barrels.

Food recommendation for the Oak Aged Navarra by Pago de Cirsus

Drink this red wine from Spain ideally tempered at 15 - 18°C as a companion to spaghetti with caper tomato sauce, stuffed peppers or roasted veal liver with apples, onions and balsamic vinegar sauce.

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