Frank Cornelissen - MunJebel Rosso “Classico” 75cl

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Frank Cornelissen - MunJebel Rosso “classico” 75cl

Winery: Frank Cornelissen

Grapes: Nerello Mascalese 100%

Region: Italy / Sicily / Etna

Wine Style:  Southern Italy Red

Alcohol Content: 14%

Food Pairing: pairs wonderfully with oily fish like sardines, tuna, and swordfish, as well as processed pork products like sausages, meatloaf, and meatballs. Like most reds, it also pairs well with a good steak.

Description: A rich and fragrant wine of pure Nerello Mascalese from different vineyards, partly from our best parcels where we produce our crus (Zottorinoto-Chiusa Spagnolo, Feudo di Mezzo-sottana and Porcaria) as well as designated vineyards for this specific wine (Rampante sottana, Piano Daini and Crasà). A classic, traditional Nerello Mascalese with tannins and sweetness of ripe fruit. My vision of a traditional, balanced and rich Northern Valley Etna wine.

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