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The powerful Montes Alpha M from Montes glides into the glass with a dense purple color. After the first swirl, this red wine reveals a high density and richness, which is evident in strong church windows at the edge of the glass. In the glass, this Montes red wine displays aromas of violets, morello cherry, lilac, lavender and mulberry, complemented by oriental spices, black tea and dark chocolate. The Montes Montes Alpha M presents itself to the wine lover pleasantly dry. This red wine is never coarse or meager, but round and smooth. This dense and velvety red wine presents itself on the palate full of pressure and complexity. In the finish, this youthful from the wine-growing region Valle Central finally inspires with considerable length. Again, hints of black cherry and plum show. In the aftertaste, mineral notes of the soils dominated by limestone and sand are added.

Vinification of the Montes Montes Alpha M

Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes form the basis for the first-class and wonderfully powerful Montes Alpha M cuvée. The grapes grow under optimal conditions in the Valle Central. The vines here dig their roots deep into soils of sand and limestone. The fact that the Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot grapes thrive under the influence of a rather cool climate also has an influence on the ripeness of the grapes. This manifests itself, among other things, in particularly long and uniform grapes and rather moderate alcohol content in the wine. When they are perfectly ripe, the grapes for Montes Alpha M are harvested exclusively by hand without the help of coarse and less selective full harvesters. After the harvest, the grapes are quickly taken to the winery. Here they are selected and carefully broken up. Fermentation then takes place in small wood at controlled temperatures. After the end of fermentation, the Montes Alpha M is aged for another 18 months in French oak barriques.

Food recommendation for the Montes Montes Alpha M

Enjoy this red wine from Chile best tempered at 15 - 18°C as an accompanying wine to roasted calf's liver with apples, onions and balsamic vinegar sauce, cabbage roulades or goose breast with ginger red cabbage and marjoram.

Hard facts

Product type:
Wine category:
Red wine
Wine colour:
toasted wood , Blackberry , Sour cherry , Violets , Vanilla , Eucalyptus , Chocolate
Mouthfeel/ Texture:
velvety , dense
Reverberation / Finish:
Occasion and theme:
family event , Gift for good friends , surprise connoisseurs , Mother's Day , Romantic Dinner
Cultivation area:
Valle Central (CL)
Valle de Rapel (CL)
Valle de Colchagua
Soils & Special layers:
Lime , Sand
Alcohol % ABV:
Optimal serving temperature in °C:
15 - 18
Varietal blend
small barrel
Finishing details:
French Oak , Barrique 225 l
Maturation time in mon.:
Harvesting method:
New World , Cool Climate Winegrowing Region , fragrant , complex
Food Pairing:
dark food , bright, hearty dishes
Suitable wine glas:
Red wine glass
Bottle size in l:
Bottle Design & Features:
Bordeaux Style , classic
Allergens and ingredients:
contains sulfites and sulfur dioxide

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