Montecristo - Petit No.2 x 1 Single Tube

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Montecristo Petit No 2 Cigar Tubes

Flavour: Medium to Full
Size: Petit Piramide
Vitola de Galera: Petit No 2
Length: 4 3/4 inches / 120 mms
Ring Gauge / Width: 52 / 20.64 mms

Montecristo Petit No 2 Cigars are a figurado cigar, the classic “piramide” shape. They are the little brother to the classic Montecristo No 2 and a short, wide torpedo cigar, on the full-bodied side of medium. It was first released in 2013, a mere 78 years after the original.

Montecristo cigars take their name from Alex Dumas’ famous book “The Count of Montecristo” which was a favourite when it was read to the cigar rollers, or Torcedores, whilst they worked. The factory was founded in 1935 and they make three ranges of cigars, the Linea Clasica, the Open Range and the Linea 1935. The Clasica range is a classic medium to full bodied range of cigars, whilst the Open range is a little lighter in style. The Linea 1935 range is the most premium and was launched in 2018.

Montecristo cigars are a perfectly balanced blend of selected tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo which produces a medium to full flavour with a distinguished aroma.

The Montecristo Petit No 2 cigar is a 30 to 45 minute smoke. It is on the fuller side and it has aromas and earthy flavours with hints of leather, coffee, toast and a peppery, spicy finish. It is a balanced, complex cigar.

A single cigar presented in individual cedar lined aluminium tubes.

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