Lord Chambray - Fungus Rock 'American Stout' 330ml

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Lord Chambray - Fungus Rock 'American Stout' 330ml

Fungus Rock is the small limestone islet right at the entrance of Dwejra Bay, on the west coast of Gozo. Its flat top is covered in a little plant, the Malta Fungus, that was treasured by the Knights for its medicinal properties. Fungus Rock is a hoppy stout brewed with a rich blend of dark malts that creates a distinctive aroma of green coffee beans, fresh walnuts, roasted barley, and subtle chocolate notes. Don't be put off by the colour; this beer is surprisingly nimble on the palate thanks to a dry bitter finish and a light acidity.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast.

Food Pairings: Grilled steaks and sausages, freshly shucked oysters, moules frites, chocolate brownies.

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