Firestarter Vodka Metal Can 40% 70cl

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Firestarter Vodka Metal Can 40% 70cl

The Firestarter Vodka, ironically shaped as a fire extinguisher, will deliver what its name promises: firing up your parties. Yet, this eye-catching product from Moldova should not be limited to its design! Indeed, The Vodka Firestarter Vodka VX is an artisanal distillate, embellished with drops of cognac and produced in a special limited edition.

The addition of fine cognac to vodka takes place in the distillery of production in France, present for 11 generations. The class of this vodka is explained in its ingredients: the winter wheat from the Picardie region and the water that flows from the purest spring.

The Vodka Firestarter Vodka VX is aged inside oak barrels and reaches an alcohol content of 40% and stands out for its complex and captivating taste, which combine in a balanced alternation of sweet and spicy. Firestarter is a present Premium vodka in our online catalog. Persuasion of your senses begins from the packaging to the most intense flavor on the palate.

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