Chateau Palmer - 3eme Cru Classe', Margaux 2012 75cl

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Chateau Palmer - Grand Cru Classe', Margaux 2012 75cl

Winery: Chateau Palmer

Grape :  Cabernet Sauvignon | Petit Verdot | Merlot

Region : France / Left Bank Bordeaux / Margaux 3rd Grand Cru AOC

Wine Style: Bordeaux 

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Food Pairing: Beef - Veal - Lamb


Château Palmer is a leading wine estate in Margaux. Within its appellation, Palmer is certainly the closest rival to their first growth neighbour, Ch. Margaux. Although officially ranked a third growth, at their best the wines of Ch. Palmer are among the greatest anywhere in Bordeaux.

The estate dates to the 17th century, though it was not until 1814 that Englishman Charles Palmer took ownership and gave it his name. In 1938, the estate was bought by four Bordeaux négociant families, two of whom – the Sichel and Mähler-Besse families – own the property today. Since 2004, the estate has been led by the charismatic agronomist and oenologist Thomas Duroux, who had lately returned from a stint making wine at Ornellaia, in Tuscany. He undertook major renovations including a complete modernisation of the grape reception area, the vat rooms and barrel cellar. In the vineyards, the technical team began experimenting with biodynamic farming and today Palmer is among the leading biodynamic vineyards in Bordeaux. In addition to the Grand Vin, the Ch. Palmer portfolio also includes a cuvée called Alter Ego. Introduced in 1998, Alter Ego is produced from grapes grown on dedicated plots and with a different blend from that of the Grand Vin. As such, Ch. Palmer regard it not as a second wine, but very much as a distinctive cuvée in its own right.

The estate lies just outside the village of Margaux, its 66 hectares of vines planted on a plateau of gravel, sand and clay soils overlooking the Gironde estuary. Plantings include equal parts of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon at 47% each, along with 6% Petit Verdot. Although the average age of the vines is fairly typical of the region at about 40 years, some of the vines are over 70 years old. That, along with the relatively high Merlot content and the benefits of careful, well-established biodynamic practices, may account for both the richness and complexity of the wines.

Fermentation takes place in conical, stainless steel vats in varying sizes, to permit each variety and parcel to be fermented separately for subsequent selection and blending. The Grand Vin is aged for 20-22 months in barrel, of which less than 50% is new. Thanks to the health and consistency of their biodynamically produced fruit, Palmer have been able, over the past few years, to begin safely reducing the amount of sulphur added throughout the process, with the aim of producing wines with more freshness and purity of flavour. For Alter Ego, less new wood is used, and ageing time is slightly reduced with a view to producing a wine they describe as “distinguished by its freshness of fruit, crisp intensity and richness from the moment out of barrel”.

Between 2008 and 2013, Ch. Palmer made the transition to 100% biodynamic farming. In addition to its vineyards, the estate is home to a diversity of complementary plants and grazing animals.


Château Palmer extends an invitation to all great wine lovers for the re-release of the 2012 vintage. After ten years of ageing in the property’s cellars, Château Palmer 2012 is ready to arise from its reserve: a harmonious and spellbinding vintage, which wins you over instantly.


A vintage of pleasure
After ten ascetic years spent in the cellar, Château Palmer 2012 immediately reconnects with its natural volubility, its aromatic depth, its sensual blend of blueberry, licorice, and incense. It retains an elusive yet approachable nose and an unpretentious generosity. Its texture is like a caress, a combination of flesh and silk. A spellbinding vintage, both smooth and tender, which seduces almost without meaning to.
A vintage of balance
Sunny, exuberant Merlots on one side; highly Atlantic, delicate Cabernets on the other. The two identities complemented each other to compose an expressive wine, perfectly rooted in its terroir. While less atypical than the 2011 vintage, Château Palmer 2012 conserves the freshness and vigor of its initial expression, with a powerful Merlot which has held its ground without drowning out the grain of the Cabernet.
A vintage of promise
Ten years on, Château Palmer 2012 is still standing proud between sky and sun, on the high wire yet firmly grounded, magnificently looking towards the future. But wait patiently for another ten years, and it will offer another, different expression of the dizzying contrast of its origins: the astounding marriage of exuberance and integrity, whose smoothness and delicacy will be elevated once again by further aging…
“2012 is the vintage of the first biodynamic sensations. It was no longer about experimentation or discovery, but about our philosophy taking root…”
— Thomas Duroux, CEO of Château Palmer
Since 2010, Château Palmer has preciously kept a large part of its production in the property’s historic cellar. If the Primeurs week, which traditionally takes place in Bordeaux in spring, remains the perfect opportunity to present young, delicate wines waiting to be kept, Palmer thus inaugurates in 2020 a new concept: the second and last release, after ten years of meticulous vigilance at the château, a vintage ready to be tasted.

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