Chateau Kefraya - Rouge 75cl

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Chateau Kefraya - Rouge 75cl 

Winery: Kefraya

Grape : Cinsault 

Region : Bekaa Valley

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Lebanon’s Cinsault has been growing in the Bekaa Valley for more than a century. In this respect, and bearing in mind the other exciting grapes that make up the blend, Les Bretèches is a quintessential Lebanese wine. With a finely spiced nose of blackcurrant and cherry, it reveals silky tannins and generous red fruits flavors.

Founded in 1946, Chateau Kefraya has been a venture and legacy of the Bustros family for multiple generations. Situated in Lebanon’s West Bekaa Valley, the winery’s history began with the visionary named Michel de Bustros. 

Michel undertook and handled massive efforts and work to prepare the vineyards of Chateau Kefraya in the magnificent hillside region. He planted the first vines during the turmoil-filled time of the Lebanese civil war, between 1951 to 1979. Soon after, the winery began to make and distribute its wines using the grapes harvested from its vineyards. In addition, it vinified and stored the created drinks in its cellar. 

Today, the vineyards owned by Chateau Kefraya extend over 300 hectares along the terraced slopes of the region. They remain situated 1000 meters above sea level and close to the Mediterranean Sea. The soil of the land is generally of a clay-chalk, clay-limestone, or gravelly and sandy type. These factors support and complement each other and work to enhance and enrich the quality of the soil and the sowed plants. In addition, the exceptional exposure to sunlight that the vineyards receive gives a boost and upliftment to the standard of the harvested grapes. 

The region and land of Chateau Kefraya are suitable for growing multiple varieties of grapevines. They consist of Syrah, Viognier, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. Other unusual and rare types of vines such as Muscat à Petits Grains, Marselan, and Carménère can also grow here. 

All the wines produced and distributed by Chateau Kefraya are vegan. Several vineyards of the winery are organic-certified. As such, the workers of those lands follow a natural and sustainable method of viticulture. Chateau Kefraya believes that such practices and techniques in the fields can allow the grapevines to flourish and acquire a rich character that can express the terroir.  

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