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It is the purity, seduction and certain alluring femininity of Scottish Grain Whiskies that make these spirits so special.
Hedonism is the first whisky created by Compass Box in 2000 and is characteristic of the distillery.
The inspiration behind the Hedonism bottling is just that; pleasure, enjoyment, joy - a marriage of distilled spirit with a high-quality aging in oak.
Hedonism will always be lush, soft and creamy, but every year different whiskies are used in different combinations from Compass Box to achieve this.
Only very old casks are used for Hedonism, on average over 20 years old. And it is only bottled if the casks have the right taste profile.

Tasting notes:

Colour: light straw yellow.
Nose: Notes of vanilla, toffee, coconut.
Taste: Creamy, cherries, sweet spices, vanilla, cereal aromas.
Finish: Long lasting, spicy, oak, milk chocolate.

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