Tagliatelle Col d'Orcia - 500 g. ‘Organic’

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Tagliatelle Col d'Orcia - Confezione da 500 g.

Our wheat variety «Senatore Cappelli» was defined as a “superior variety’’ of grain in the 30s and 40s. It is a type of durum wheat obtained through genetic selection in 1915 by the famous Italian geneticist Nazareno Strampelli and dedicated to the Senator Raffaele Cappelli who was a promoter of the early 20th century’s agrarian reform which brought about the selection of high-quality grains. This type of wheat is particularly suitable to organic agriculture because of its rusticity and because of its tall length which helps to suffocate unwanted weeds. 

According to the parameters of organic farming, the wheat is ground a little at a time in small quantities in a local artisanal mill.

The semolina is made into pasta by an ancient family owned producer in central Italy. The pasta is shaped through bronze dies, which gives a very rough surface. The pasta is then dried at a low temperature for a long period (up to 50 hours) which makes for a very unique and highly artisanal product, obtained with the same method as 50 years ago.

The result is a very flavorful pasta with a high porosity allowing it to properly absorb any condiment added to it. It contains high quantities of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is highly digestible. To the taste, Col d’Orcia’s pasta is slightly rough and porous with a characteristic taste and aroma of freshly ground wheat. 


At Col d’Orcia, for many years now, we have always ascribed high value to the natural environment in which we operate.

For this reason in the year 2010 we took the decision of submitting to the organic farming certification process in order to become the largest organic wine producing farm in the whole of Tuscany. Since August 27, 2010 the whole estate including vineyards, olive groves, other fields and even the gardens are farmed following exclusively organic agricultural practices.

We are very proud of this achievement and we can rightfully define Col d’Orcia as an organic island in Montalcino.

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