Cannonau D.O.C. - 75cl Sardegna Vigna Sorella Atha Ruja

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Vigna Sorella - Poderi Atha Ruja

Winery: Poderi Atha Ruja

Grape : Cannonau

Region : Italy / Sardinia / Dorgali

Wine Style: Sardinian Cannonau

Alcohol Content: 14%

Food Pairing: Remarkable for its versatility, pairs well with both flavoursome hors d’oeuvre and red meats, even better if seasoned with Mediterranean herbs. Also excellent with semi-aged cheeses

Description: The “Vigna Sorella” Cannonau from Sardinia is a delicious ensemble of layers: vibrant red fruits, Mediterranean trees, and homemade cacao. The wine seems seasoned with cinnamon notes and hot spices to inebriate your senses. A refined aging process that requires steel and oak, shows off the wine as both fresh and age-worthy. A wine for when you want to make a statement but keep your finesse.

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